Video Gallery - 2020-21

Student Induction Program - 2020-21

Visual Introduction of Shree Vidyadhiraj Polytechnic, Kumta (Date: 28-11-2020)

Introduction to Student Induction Program - 2020-21 by Mr. G. D. Bhat, H.O.D., EC Dept (Date: 28-11-2020)

Inauguration of SIP-2020-21 by Mr. Ratan U Gaonkar, Princial, S V Polytechnic, Kumta (Date: 28-11-2020)

Introduction to Automobile Engineering Department by Mr. Prakash Nayak, H.O.D., AT Dept

Introduction to Computer Science and Engineering Department by Mr. Dinesh Balgi, H.O.D., CS Dept

Introduction to Civil Engineering Deparmtent by Mr. S. N. Hegde, H.O.D., CE Dept

Introduction to Electronics & Communication Department by Mr. G.D.Bhat, H.O.D., EC Dept

Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Department by Mr. Deepak Prabhu, H.O.D., ME Dept

Physical Activity and Yoga by Mr. Dayanand J Shet, Lecturer, Civil Dept (Date 30-11-2020)

International Yoga Day celebration by Staff members of SVP

Importance of NCC/NSS/Red Cross by Mr. Khaja Hussain, Mr. D. J. Shet, Mr. Ashok Naik (Date: 01-12-2020)

Talk on Human Health, Community Health and Personal Hygiene by Dr Ajnya Nayak, Medical Officer, Kumta

Celebration of Kanakadasa Jayanthi (Date: 03/12/2020)

Talk on Solid waste management by Mr. Nagendra Gaonkar, Environmental Engineer- (Date: 03/12/2020)

Career Opportunities for Diploma Students and Campus Interview Programs by Mr. Shridhar G. Bhat, Lecture, ME Dept (Date: 04-12-2020))

Online Class Teaching Tools and Guidance by Mr. Jagadish Barber, Lecturer, EC Dept (Date: 05-12-2020))

Views of Alumni Students of Polytechnic (Date: 07-12-2020)