Anti-Ragging Squad

As per AICTE guidelines and Essential requirements of the Technical institutions under Appendix-6 in Approval Process Handbook for the year 2021-22, an Anti-Ragging Squad (to ensure compliance with the provisons of Anti-Ragging Regulations) is consituted and is as follows :

1 Shri Ratan Gaonkar, Principal Chairman
2 Shri Khaja Hussain, Lecturer(Civil) Member
3 Shri Gajanan Vengurlekar, Instructor/Automobile Member
4 Shri Dattatreya Hebbar, Instructor/Automobile Member
5 Shri Venkatesh M. Nayak, FDC Member
6 Smt Susheela G. Nayak, Lecturer/EC Member
7 Smt Shreeja Rao, Typist, Office Member

The committe should make surprise raids on hostels and other places vulnerable to incidents and having the potential for the ragging and shall be empowered to inspect the such places.