Anti-Ragging Committee

As per AICTE guidelines and Essential requirements of the Technical institutions under Appendix-6 in Approval Process Handbook for the year 2021-22, an Anti-Ragging Committee (to ensure compliance with the provisons of Anti-Ragging Regulations) is consituted and is as follows :

1 Shri Ratan Gaonkar, Principal Chairman
2 Tahasildar, Kumta Member representing local authority
3 The Circle Police Inspectopr, Kumta Circle Member representing local authority
4 Shri S. N. Hegde, S.G.L./HOD(Civil) Member
5 Shri Deepak M. Prabhu, S.G.L./HOD(Mechanical) Member
6 Shri Dinesh M. Balgi, HOD(Comp.Sci.) Member
7 Shri Kiran Shanbhag, HOD(Science) Member
8 Shri Prakash Nayak, HOD(Automobile) Member
9 Shri Dayanand Shet, S.G.L./(Civil) Member
10 Shri Khaja Hussain, Lecturer(Civil) Member
11 Smt Malati M. Shanbhag, FDC Member

The committe should ensure compliance with the provisions of the Anti-ragging regulations as well as provisions of any law for the time being in fore concerning ragging.