Anti-Ragging Committee

As per AICTE guidelines and Essential requirements of the Technical institutions under Appendix-6 in Approval Process Handbook for the year 2019-20, an Anti-Ragging Committee (to ensure compliance with the provisons of Anti-Ragging Regulations) is consituted and is as follows :

1 Shri Ratan Gaonkar, Principal Chairman
2 Tahasildar, Kumta Member representing local authority
3 The Circle Police Inspectopr, Kumta Circle Member representing local authority
4 Shri G. D. Bhat, S.G.L./HOD(E&C) Member
5 Shri S. N. Hegde, S.G.L./HOD(Civil) Member
6 Shri Deepak M. Prabhu, S.G.L./HOD(Mechanical) Member
7 Shri Dinesh M. Balgi, HOD(Comp.Sci.) Member
8 Shri Kiran Shanbhag, HOD(Science) Member
9 Shri Prakash Nayak, HOD(Automobile) Member
10 Shri Dayanand Shet, S.G.L./(Civil) Member
11 Shri Khaja Hussain, Lecturer(Civil) Member
12 Smt Malati M. Shanbhag, FDC Member
13 Shri Ramachandra Ganapati Hebbar, Member representing Parents
14 Kumar Akshay Naik Member representing First year students
15 Kumar Gopal Vaman Naik Member representing Final year students

The committe should ensure compliance with the provisions of the Anti-ragging regulations as well as provisions of any law for the time being in fore concerning ragging.